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We make PHOTOS THAT ROCK! Portrait, social and sporting events; advertising and fashion, fitness and
bodybuilding; boudoir, family, couples, pregnancy - you name it! We make it fun and treat you like a
We serve Houston, the Southern Texas area and Northern Mexico.
Every client is different and a new experience for us, so we have different standard packages that are adapted to each
client's needs. To determine the rate of a photoshoot or assignment, it is necessary to consider the following:
- Type of assignment
- Duration (time) of the photo session
- Equipment to be used at the photoshoot.
- Quantity of photographs to deliver
- Travel arrangements (when applicable)

* All of our photos are delivered with digital retouching, unless otherwise requested by the client. 
To ask for a quotation, please access the  "Contact Us" tab to submit your request, including your contact information,
and you will receive a reply within the following 24 hours. 
Hablamos español.
2018 Fitness Lifestyle Photoshoot Bookings
If you are ready to book your fitness lifestyle photoshoot, click on the button below to save the date (USD $ 50.00).
For other kinds of photoshoots, e-mail us.
NEW POLICY: Assignments outside Houston will have to be fully covered a week before the scheduled date,
otherwise they will again be considered open for availability for new potential clients. This is to avoid last minute
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For weddings, family portraits and other kinds of photography, e-mail me through the
Contact Us section.
Our work has been featured in the following newspapers and magazines:
- Strength Advocate (Several publications in 2014).
- NBB&F Magazine. January-March 2014 (Germany).
- ModelzView Magazine. November 2013 (USA). 
- NFit Women's Magazine - September/October 2012 (San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, TX).
- Semana News, weekly newspaper - February, March and April 2012 (Houston, TX).
- Living Katy - cover of November 2011 issue (Katy, Houston, TX).
- Laredo Morning Times - August 2011, 956 Sports Unlimited.
- Guerra Centre magazine - July 2011 (Laredo, TX).
- LB Model and Talent Agency magazine (Laredo, TX).
- Hard Fitness magazine - February 2011 (Online).
- IFBB official newsletter - December 2010 (Online).
Advertising / Promotional
We have done institutional/advertising photography for:
- Tha Body Specialist (Shenandoah, TX) 
- Total Fit (Houston, TX)  
- Advanced Interventional Pain Consultants (Katy, TX).
- Train Smart by Tracy (Spring, TX). 
- Inspire Fitness Personal Training (Cedar Park, TX). 
- Guggenheim Designs (Houston, TX). 
- Advanced Wellness Medical Clinic (Katy, TX).
- PCS Fitness Center (Laredo, TX).
- Rock Fitness Center (Laredo, TX).
- King Monster 666 (Monterrey, Mexico).
- Cascata Di Fiori (Monterrey, Mexico).
Social and Sporting Events
We did the official coverage of the following events:
- 2010 World Women's Fitness Championships (Tlalnepantla, Mexico).
- 2011 NPC Rock Extravaganza (Laredo, TX).
- 2011 Mr and Miss Laredo.
- 2011 South Texas Classic (San Antonio, TX).
- 2011 Gold's Gym Classic (McAllen, TX).
- 2012 Fitness Angels Auditions (Sugarland, TX).
- 2012 USO Houston Fundraiser (Houston, TX.)
- 2012 Toma de Protesta Exatec - ITESM Alumni (Houston, TX).
- 2012-2016 Weddings (Guadalajara, Monterrey, Austin, Houston, San Antonio)