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Directing models - Key to a successful shoot!

Posted by Alfonso Aguirre on March 20, 2012 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (4)

Hovering around my brother in law's living room, I came across the February issue of OUTSIDE magazine, with athlete Lolo Jones on the cover... and this gave me the perfect opportunity to start my blog. When I looked at the cover, the first thing I could mutter was "What was the photographer thinking?" Lolo Jones is a beautiful girl with an amazing body, but the posing doesn't do her justice in the photo selected for the cover. Check it out:

After a quick google search, I came across this blog and found that Jones was indeed, concerned about the direction and the outfits used at the shoot because she doesn't consider herself as a model, but an athlete. They used her relaxed shots in between takes because the photographer wanted her in a more 'natural' way, which is cool. It's style and personal taste, I get that. In the end, she says she liked the photos. Good! But most people still quite don't understand the athletic female form, so direction is really, REALLY important.

I've worked with a fair share of athletic women in the past couple of years, from Latin America, Europe and the United States. And guess what? Like anyone else, most of them do not consider themselves models. In fact, many of them were really nervous at the beginning of their photoshoot and needed direction from the start. And that is fine! But that is where the photographer has one of his biggest challenges, as he must help the model get that "money shot". A beautiful face or impressive body doesn't do it alone, nor does the most expensive camera or gear in the world. It's the photographer... and in this case, one that knows and appreciates the athletic form, and that will make you feel comfortable at all times - because he will go that extra mile in order to get that shot that will be worth all the tme and money put into the photoshoot.

Here's one of those few photographers ;)


Posted by Alfonso Aguirre on February 20, 2012 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

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